The committee is comprised of no less than three and no more than four members of the NRF Committee along with an independent arbitrator in appeal situations.

For Example:

  • The Ethics Committee can only rule on issues relating to the Code of Conduct affecting members of the NRF.
  • A complaint brought against any Member of the NRF, for breaking the Code of Conduct must be made in writing as no verbal rulings may be given. An NRF Committee member will meet with the complainant in person if applicable.
  • The complainant shall:
    1. state the facts upon which the complaint is based.
    2. indicate in detail, which clause(s) / section(s) of the Code have been breached.
  • The NRF has an important role to play in continuously improving standards within the recruitment industry. Complaints against NRF members whether from applicants, clients or other Members will be investigated at all times.
  • If they are of the opinion that the complaint is unfounded, the Committee shall have the right to reject the application for Ethics Committee process. In such cases, the Ethics Committee shall give written notice and all reasons for rejecting the complainant’s application for action.
  • As soon as possible after receipt of a valid complaint, the Ethics Committee shall send the respondent a copy of the complaint.
  • The respondent shall be given fourteen (14) days within which to submit a written defence to the Ethics Committee. If the respondent is unable to do so within this time period, they must notify the NRF in writing giving reasons. This period may be extended at the discretion of the Ethics Committee.
  • The complainant and / or the respondent may appeal against any ruling of the Ethics Committee within 10 days in writing together with substantiated reasons for such appeal application.
  • When an appeal application is lodged, the Ethics Committee must inform the NRF Director and President thereof.
  • A respondent who is an owner, principal, director, member or senior executive of a company, may not plead that he / she is not responsible for the policy of his / her organization, or the actions of its employees
  • If the Ethics Committee determines that the complaint is well founded, it may issue one of the following sanctions:
    1. written warning;
    2. a fine not to exceed €5000;
    3. suspension of Membership for a period not exceeding one year; or
    4. expulsion from the NRF
  • An expelled Member may apply for re-election after 12 months and may be reinstated at the discretion of the Executive
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