NRF Skillnet + SocialTalent e-Learning Recruitment Platform

NRF Skillnet & SocialTalent e-Learning Platform

About Us:

SocialTalent is the world's largest e-learning recruitment platform, specifically curated to help recruitment, talent acquisition, and HR professionals.

Courses made by Recruiters for Recruiters:

SocialTalent take the time to find and generate content that actually makes a difference for users. Whether you're learning new skills to adapt to the ever-changing talent market, or simply brushing up on the fundamentals, SocialTalent has a constantly updated library to make sure you are always at the top of your game. Delivered via consumable video courses presented by world renowned experts, SocialTalent is designed to help you find, hire, and develop the best talent.

Member Exclusive:

SocialTalent are offering two weeks free access to content specifically created for recruitment agencies exclusively to agencies/recruiters. Those who avail of this free trial will be offered access to the broader library at a reduced rate.

How to Access:

Sign up to this free trial to enjoy a sample selection of one of the multiple agency learning paths. At the end of the free trial, full access to the agency curriculum will be offered at an exclusive discount.
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e-Learning Recruitment Platform


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Types of courses available:

• Developing your concession strategy
• The Personal Gear: Relationships in negotiation
• Competitive negotiation, tactics + countermeasures
• Recruitment agency branding + social media

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